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Super PAC Men: How political consultants took a Fort Worth oilman on a wild ride

The head of a Texas oil dynasty joined the parade of wealthy political donors, aiming to flip the Senate to Republicans. By the time consultants were done with him, the war chest was drained and fraud allegations were flying

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Bon Appétit: New French restaurant dishes out the finest in Fort Worth

Barely open six months, Le Cep, a contemporary French restaurant proffering fine dining, is stirring up Fort Worth’s culinary scene.

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Bridge collapse on I-35 north of Austin

SALADO, Texas (AP) — Emergency crews are responding to a reported bridge collapse along an interstate in Central Texas.

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Latin-inspired restaurant set to open in downtown Fort Worth

Downtown Fort Worth’s dining scene is about to get spicier with the opening of a new restaurant featuring Latin-inspired coastal cuisine.

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Amazon begins Prime Now program in Dallas area

If you just have to have it now, as in one hour, you can, at least in the Dallas area, as Inc. announced Thursday it will offer Prime Now.

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Super Bowl: Seven commercials to watch

A snack worthy of football and party lovers alike. This expansive snack stadium is a surprisingly easy way to impress SUPER BOWL® party-goers.
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GoldieBlox ad makes Super Bowl history
By Parija Kavilanz

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- As far as GoldieBlox is concerned, the innovative toy company has already scored the first touchdown of Super Bowl XLVIII.

The startup will make Super Bowl history this Sunday by becoming the first small business to have a commercial air on TV during the most-watched event of the year.

GoldieBlox won a contest run by Intuit, where the grand prize was the 30-second ad that will debut during the third quarter of the game. Intuit will pick up the $4 million cost.

"We still can't believe that we won. We were all crying when we found out," said Debbie Sterling, founder of GoldieBlox, a line of storybooks and toys aimed at getting young girls excited about science and engineering.

GoldieBlox's ad will appear alongside some of the biggest brands in the world such as Budweiser, Cheerios, and Coca-Cola. Super Bowl commercials typically are dominated by big brands that can afford the hefty price tag.

But GoldieBlox got its start just 18 months ago and has barely 15 employees. Its toys sell in Toys R Us and Target.

The ad, which was produced by a top ad agency RPA, puts GoldieBlox shoulder to shoulder with the big leagues, and Sterling hopes the exposure to over 100 million viewers will enable the brand to take a "giant leap forward for our mission."

A Stanford University engineering graduate, Sterling launched GoldieBlox in 2012 after became obsessed with the idea of "disrupting the pink aisle" with a toy that could potentially inspire the next generation of female engineers.

She turned to crowdfunding site Kickstarter with the goal of raising $150,000 to fire up her idea.

"We did that in just 4 days," said Sterling. In total, her Kickstarter campaign raised over $285,000. "So yes, we knew we were on to something," she said.

Intuit's contest kicked off last July and asked U.S.-based business with 50 or fewer employees to submit a compelling story about their company.

An online vote determined the top 20 submissions, and then Intuit's 8,000 employees voted to pick four finalists -- GoldieBlox, dog treats maker Barley Labs, organic egg farm Locally Laid Egg Company and natural compost producer POOP. A separate online vote in December determined the grand-prize winner.

Intuit said millions of votes were cast for the entries but declined to say how many went to GoldieBlox.

"GoldieBlox is an outstanding example of the 29 million small businesses across the United States," said Intuit's CEO Brad Smith. "It's clear voters around the world felt the same way."

GoldieBlox's Intuit win, however, isn't its first brush with fame.

Last year, the company created a parody video that featured the Beastie Boys song "Girls." The video, which featured young girls rejecting the "princess" stereotype as they built a complex maze, became a viral hit. But it also brought on a copyright infringement lawsuit by the Beastie Boys for using their song.

GoldieBlox initially countered with its own lawsuit but ultimately removed the song from the video.

Intuit also confirmed that it will hold a similar contest again next year.


Breeanna Hare


(CNN) -- Our favorite Sunday of the year will arrive on February 2, and we're already armed with snacks and snark to dissect the best part of Super Bowl XLVIII: its commercials.

There will be the usual deluge of movie trailers -- expect to see clips for Darren Aronofsky's "Noah" movie as well as Kevin Costner's "Draft Day" -- plus the ad spots shilling beer, M&Ms and everything else.

Here are seven clips that we're looking forward to watching all over again:

Budweiser's puppy love

C'mon people. This has small furry creatures, adoption and interspecies bonding. We've long awaited the moment when the Super Bowl gives up on football and just makes the Puppy Bowl the main event, and we consider this Budweiser commercial to be the first step toward that glorious day.

The Muppets steal a car

The Muppets are mostly around for fun, but they often sneak in a lesson or two while they're at it. With their Super Bowl commercial, they impart a very useful one: do not, under any circumstances, pull over for a Muppets bus -- unless you want them to hijack your car. (On the other hand, if your car is hijacked by Muppets, at least you'll get a groovy song out of it.)

Anna Kendrick's 'non-Super Bowl' Super Bowl commercial

We love this Newcastle Brown Ale for so many reasons, but we're only going to give you our top three: 1) It stars Anna Kendrick. 2) It stars Anna Kendrick basically giving the "am I beer commercial hot?" monologue we give ourselves every morning. 3) It stars Anna Kendrick giving the only appropriate response to that: "I mean I'm hot ... But like ... beer commercial hot? No. But I love a challenge."

The 'Full House' reunion

We haven't seen Bob Saget, Dave Coulier and John Stamos -- aka "Full House's" Danny Tanner, Uncle Joey and Uncle Jesse -- together like this since "Full House" went off the air almost 19 years ago, so excuse us while we're going to soak up as much of this minireunion as possible. If we're lucky, maybe Saget and Coulier will join Stamos in his Dannon Oikos spokesman duties full-time.

'Draft day' trailer

If the marketing team behind Kevin Costner's upcoming dramedy "Draft Day" didn't find a way to advertise during the Super Bowl, we'd question their devotion to the job. The film, directed by Ivan Reitman and also starring Jennifer Garner and Ellen Burstyn, features Costner as the general manager of the Cleveland Browns as he grapples with the responsibility of having the No. 1 draft pick. We're getting shades of "Jerry Maguire" from this movie, and we like it.

'Noah' trailer

Admittedly, the promotion for "Noah" is a bit of a downer (#TheFloodIsComing? That's a great thought to have during the Super Bowl), but we can't help but be excited to see what Darren Aronofsky's going to do with this classic Biblical story. Stars include Russell Crowe, Jennifer Connelly and Emma Watson. The film will arrive in theaters on March 28.

Ellen's Beats Music commercial, with bears

Ellen DeGeneres is a self-described fan of the new Beats Music app, and she shot a Super Bowl ad to show just how much she loves it. Playing what appears to be a modern-day Goldilocks who likes to hang out at a place called The Woods (we think we've been there ...), DeGeneres grooves to pop music with some hipster bears.

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